5 Ways to Save This Summer
June 20, 2014 by

Discover 5 tips on how to save some of your hard earned money this summer.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, and with it comes the season of travel and adventure, which of course brings many expenses.

Although the winter months may seem like the most expensive time of year with Christmas and family get-togethers, the summer season brings with it its own set of expenses. Many choose this time of year to enjoy patio season and/or take some time off of work and go on holiday. With the latter comes unpaid time off of work, travel expenses, accommodation costs, the higher expense of eating out and, of course, the fee of partaking in or attending once in a life time opportunities that said trip may offer.

So, before you blow all of your money on a summer vacation this year, have a look at the five tips below on how to save a bit of money this summer, even if you do go on vacation.

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5 Tips to Save Money This Summer

  • Try Having a Staycation: If you live in Vancouver, you know that there are beautiful beaches, mountains and bodies of water right in your backyard. Instead of taking a pricy trip to Hawaii, for example, why not plan a lower cost trip in BC. Head out to Tofino on Vancouver Island for some surfing. Or spend the weekend in Whistler and go hiking.
  • Skip the Hotel: When travelling, save on pricier accommodations and try services such as Airbnb. You can find gorgeous apartments for rent at a great value. Bonus: When renting an apartment, you will have a kitchen so that you won’t have to eat every meal out. Double savings!
  • Limit Your Restaurant Visits: With the arrival of summer comes patio season, which is why is can be difficult to turn down invites for dinner at that place you’ve been dying to try. However, give yourself a limit of meals that you can eat out. If you get an invite and you’ve already reached your limit, eat first, then join your friends for a drink. That way you won’t miss out but your bill will be much smaller at the end of the night.
  • Look for Free Events: There’s a lot going on during the summer in a city like Vancouver. Keep your eye out for free events, such as the Summer Cinema Series in Stanley Park.
  • Take Advantage of the Outdoors: If you’re someone who likes to go for a workout before or after work, use the beautiful weather during the summer months to try biking to work instead. Reduce your gym membership and go for a run along the seawall, or challenge yourself to a big hike up the Chief or the Grouse Grind.

Happy Savings!

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