Budgeting for Your Startup
January 20, 2016 by

Create a solid budget for your startup!

When you are running your business, the last thing you want to worry about is money. You’ve got to use your creative energy to make your product and/or services the most desirable for your customers. That’s why it is essential to create a budget for your startup right at the beginning.

When done correctly and thoroughly, business budgeting is one of the most powerful financial tools for every business owner. Creating short and long term plans can make or break your business and it can give you the freedom you need to create and grow your company.

Here are three things you need and should do in order to have the most robust financial plan for your business:

  • a short term, month to month plan for at least one calendar year
  • a long term, quarter-to-quarter plan of at least three years
  • budget the income statement and balance sheet

Need help? Learn more about how to create a solid budget here or contact us and we will help build a solid financial foundation for your business! piggy-bank-1001599_960_720

(Image via Pixabay)