Count me in, Canada
November 18, 2015 by

An infographic outlining the National Strategy for Financial Literacy – Count me in, Canada.

In honour of Financial Literacy Month, we’re taking a closer look at this year’s theme: Count me in, Canada.

A couple of weeks back, at the beginning of November – otherwise known as Financial Literacy Month (FLM) – we encouraged our readers to get involved in the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s (FCAC) National Strategy for Financial Literacy – Count me in, Canada. This initiative, which was launched earlier this year in June, is the theme of this year’s FLM, and seeks to strengthen the financial well-being of Canadians and their families. Read on to learn more about the strategy, and how you can take part in improving Canada’s collective financial literacy.

The below infographic is an informative overview of the National Strategy for Financial Literacy, outlining the three goals of Count me in, Canada, as well as the three priorities that it hopes to achieve. The infographic even provides ways in which Canadians can get involved in the strategy, as individuals and/or as organizations.

You can learn more about Count me in, Canada by visiting the FCAC website.

Count Me In, Canda - Infographic

Read our blog post, Financial Literacy Month 2015, to learn more about financial literacy and its role within Canada, especially throughout the month of November.

(Infographic via Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)