How to Break Bad Savings Habits (Infographic)
March 9, 2015 by

Prevent bad habits when it comes to your savings!

Discover the bad savings habits of many Canadians and learn how you can stop avoiding your finances.

When bills and debt begin to pile up, the last thing you may want to do is face your finances. However, when it comes to your savings, “the art of avoidance” is not a very good strategy, as pointed out in the below infographic from

The infographic, aptly titled Savings and the art of avoidance, discusses the results of a recent survey by the Investor Education Fund (IEF), which covers a range of topics regarding Canadians and their savings. Read on to discover the percentage of Canadians who do not save their money, the issues that Canadians (of varying different income brackets) experience when it comes to saving their money, and tips to help you break those bad savings habits.

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Happy savings!

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