How to Create a Budget
May 6, 2015 by

Discover how to easily create a personalized budget.

Watch the below video for tips on how to build your budget and ways to stick to it!

Having a budget to assist with your financial planning is a great way to discover ways you could be saving money, as well as prevent you from falling into a deficit. That said, many people are unsure of how to build a budget specific to their financial situation.

While making a budget tailored specifically for you may seem mystifying, it is actually quite an easy thing to do. The more difficult part for many people is sticking to it! With that in mind, we highly recommend watching the below video from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, which will take you through the steps of building your budget, as well as provide tips and strategies that can help prevent you from wavering from your budget.

If you already have a budget, read Spring Clean Your Budget for some helpful tips on how you can sharpen up your budget this spring and make the most of your finances in the year ahead!

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