Moving? Who to Notify
March 24, 2014 by

A list of who to notify when you move.

Save yourself the extra stress and inform these financial establishments of your change of address, as soon as you move.

Moving is a stressful enough ordeal in itself. Add to that the pressure of finances, time constraints, etc., and it can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that you also must update your address with friends, family, employers and government establishments. This process can be time consuming and a mental exercise in remembering who to update your address with, a task that many would rather leave until later, especially considering the multiple other stress factors involved in moving.


However, aside from the obligatory phone call or email to your family and/or employer, and the necessary update to your licence and auto insurance broker, it’s also extremely important to ensure that you have updated your address with the establishments that are involved with your finances. This is especially important for tax season.

For example, if you have forgotten to contact a former employer, who you worked for in 2013, you will not receive your T4 from that company. In addition, failure to contact other establishments that are involved with your finances, such as your investment broker or the CRA, may present issues when it comes to receiving important tax information. Below is a list of establishments that you should consider contacting when you move.

Who to Contact When You Move

Please not that the above list is not exhaustive; please ensure that you contact all relevant establishments for your personal situation when you move in order to avoid unnecessary additional stress and issues with your finances.

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