Spring Clean Your Budget!
April 15, 2015 by

We’re adding personal finances to the spring cleaning to do list!

Spring Clean Your Budget

While you’re busy cleaning out your closets and checking fire alarms, you might as well add your budget to the list. It’s so easy to let last year’s budget goals fall to the wayside as time passes, With taxes just around the corner, you’ve probably already done a lot of personal finance sorting and paperwork. What better time to clean up and improve your budget and personal finances?

Here are a few tips to help you get started on spring cleaning your finances…

  • Evaluate your bank and investment accounts and, if it makes sense, consider consolidating your accounts. Consolidating your accounts may help you keep better track of your money by reducing bank fees and creating more visibility.
  • Consider bundling costs (such as phone and internet provider). Sometimes this strategy can get you discounts because most companies would rather give you a good deal than lose you as a customer.
  • Pare down your costs. Do you watch cable TV? Do you use a home phone or are you more of a cell phone junkie? If you don’t need to spend money somewhere, cut back!
  • Check all your statements. You might just spot recurring fees or subscriptions for services you don’t use anymore.
  • To help you check your statements regularly, use an app that can help you better track your finances and daily spending.
  • Use your gift cards and double check what points you have from reward systems. You have those assets and why let them go to waste? More importantly, make sure you don’t forfeit any points that carry a deadline to use.
  • If you can, pay off any credit card debt rather than letting it hang over your head for the rest of the year. Also, consider getting a credit report. This can help you create or maintain healthy financial habits and also protect you from any potential identity theft schemes.
  • While you’re spring cleaning and getting rid of things, see what you can sell on consignment. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We hope these tips help! Happy Spring Cleaning!

(Image: Comet Cleaner, garlandcannon via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0)