Mr. Winstanley's approach
is thorough and methodical.~ Dr. Brian L. Ross & Dr. Bruce P. Smith,
   Boundary Dental Clinic

Boundary Dental Clinic:

We have used Paul Winstanley’s services for over 20 years for both business and personal accounting. In that time frame we have bought multiple houses and office suites and maintained a busy dental practice. Mr. Winstanley has been intimately involved in all of our personal and business dealings and his input has been invaluable.

Paul’s company provides a wide range of services. His expertise extends from personal/business advice to investment and family trust accounting. Over the years he has helped us establish and build our corporations. He was instrumental in establishing and re-establishing the family trusts and was present for the extensive legal discussions with respect to the trust advising both us and our lawyers.

Mr. Winstanley’s approach is thorough and methodical. As mentioned he has been an integral part of all our business and personal endeavors. If a project arises which he is unsure of, Paul researches the issue thoroughly and then follows through by getting back to us as soon as possible.

In our case specifically, we have questions almost weekly about our investments, business and personal finances. Paul accepts this and responds by answering our questions quickly, efficiently and patiently. We can only say that we highly recommend Paul and his team for all or any of your business accounting needs.