The Economy, Debt and You (Infographic)
April 20, 2015 by

An overview of Canada’s economy, debt and where you and your finances fit in.

This time of year has many Canadians paying particular attention to their finances. With the tax deadline just around the corner and the Finance Minister tabling the budget, there are lots of reminders ensuring that you do just that. From money related headlines being splashed across many newspapers, to important financial discussions taking place within your home, workplace and, if you’ve chosen to work with one, with your tax advisor, it can seem as though your finances are the only topic of conversation this month. Yet, after all is said and done with filing your tax return and learning of our nation’s state of debt, now is a great time to reflect, evaluate, and perhaps create a plan that suits your current financial situation – before you push those financial topics to the back burner for another year.

With that in mind, it is important to understand the entire picture. Before you make your plan, it can be helpful to understand our economy, debt and where you fit in to it all, all of which can help in determining how you can move forward with your finances and make the best decisions for your personal circumstance. Below is an informative infographic that can help you get started, which covers Canada’s economy and debt. Simply click on the infographic, which will open in a new window, click on the image to enlarge and enjoy!

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Canadian´s debt 2

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