VIDEO: How to Avoid a Tax Audit
April 27, 2015 by

File smartly and stay ahead of the tax game by following these tips to avoid a tax audit!

It’s tax season and the deadline is days away. Don’t let that stress you out though. You’ve still got a few days thanks to a little error in a recent CRA announcement. That said, don’t procrastinate. Leaving your taxes to the last minute can cause you to rush through them and make some costly mistakes.

Today’s post we’re featuring a Money Minute video that talks about how can avoid a pesky and inconvenient tax audit by being mindful of a few red flags. These are things to watch out for now as you prepare your tax return. Don’t forget to check and double check your records. Be sure as well to keep your receipts and proof for any claims that you are making in case of an audit.

Now, without further ado, here is Yahoo Finance’s Money Minute talking all about How to Avoid a Tax Audit!