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Boundary  Dental Clinic: We have used Paul Winstanley’s services for over 20  years for both business and personal accounting. In that time frame we  have bought multiple houses and office suites and maintained a busy  dental practice. Mr. Winstanley has been intimately involved in all of  our personal and business dealings and his input has […]

Hatfield  Consultants Partnership: Winstanley has provided high quality  accounting services to Hatfield Consultants for over 20 years. In  addition Winstanley has provided strategic financial advice to the  owners of Hatfield that has helped guide our growth both domestically  and internationally. Winstanley’s highly personalized and professional  services have been key to the success Hatfield has experienced […]

Premier  Security Inc. | Vanguard Security Services Ltd. | Major Investigations  Inc. | Bitterne Holdings Inc. | Eynham Holdings Inc.: I have been  working with Paul Winstanley for 25 years. I would recommend his firm,  Winstanley Business Advisors Ltd., if you are looking for a thorough,  caring accountancy company who not only advise on finances and taxes,  but also have a great understanding of business […]

Sunshine  Hills Dental Clinic: Paul Winstanley has been our accountant for over  20 years, providing general accounting services, as well as, being  instrumental in setting up my professional corporation and family trust.  Being aggressive enough, but not outrageous, in taxation matters has  saved me thousands of dollars in taxes over the years. He has always […]

Multi-Line  Claims Services Ltd.: Paul has been our Accountant since 1991 when he  took over the practice of Hutton & Company. Since then he has  provided excellent support relative to our annual accounting needs as  well as any other financial or tax enquiries that have come up along the  way. He has also been of […]

Scharfe  Holdings Inc.: I have worked with Paul for the better part of 10 years  and have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Winstanley Business  Advisors as a group. I am involved in the stock market so as you can  imagine it is a volatile business that Paul, in particular, has worked  tirelessly with me […]

Mega  Assistance Services Inc.: Mega Assistance first acquired the services  of Paul Winstanley, CA, in 1985. Over the years, the accounting firm  dynamically moved along with the times and provided our company with  solid financial and business support, which contributed to our success.  It is with pride and gratitude that Mega Assistance Services Inc.  considers […]

Dr.  Marc R. Boyle, Inc.: Mr. Paul Winstanley and his firm, Winstanley  Business Advisors, Ltd., have consistently provided sound financial  advice and services to us personally, to our family members and for our  companies over the years. They are professional in every way and have  been invaluable in helping us chart and attain our evolving […]

Michael  Thicke Geological Consulting Inc.: I run a small geological consulting  practice that Winstanley Business Advisors Ltd. provided advice for when  I incorporated in 2009. The process of incorporation and arrangement of  all legal matters was completed efficiently and cost effectively with  Winstanley Business Advisors Ltd. working with my lawyer. Since  incorporation, Paul and his […]

Mads  Torben Meldgaard: We have been a client of Winstanley Business Advisors  for over 8 years and have used their services and expertise for our  personal and corporate taxes and business advise. Paul and his very  knowledgeable staff have been a great asset that again and again has  exceeded our expectations. It has been a […]

 Dr.  & Mrs. WP King: We have used Paul Winstanley’s accounting services  for over 25 years for both business and personal accounting. He has  helped set up our corporations and family trust. We rely on Paul for  advice in all aspects of our finances and to coordinate with our lawyer  when required. He sends email […]

Dr.  Harry Hong: I have used Paul Winstanley’s services over the past 5  years initially for my personal income taxes and also now for my  business taxes post incorporation. Paul is a pleasure to work with as he  is both approachable and knowledgeable. He is confident but modest. I  was recently enquiring of the Smith […]

James  Keane: I have used the services of Winstanley Business Advisors since I  moved back to Canada in 2010. Led by Paul Winstanley, Winstanley  Business Advisors has exclusively represented me in both a personal and  corporate capacity. Having lived in many countries over the years both  my personal and corporate dealings are global in nature, […]

UPA  Construction Group: The UPA Construction Group of companies has been  using Paul Winstanley and Winstanley Business Advisors since long before  I started in 2007. As well as providing us with the standard financial  and tax services, they have always been willing and able to help us with  corporate planning and change, and with other […]

 Mr. Winstanley's approach is thorough and methodical. ~ Dr. Brian L. Ross & Dr. Bruce P. Smith,
 Boundary Dental Clinic